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Celebrate World Sleep Day With Best Sleep Ever

March 19, 2021 will be celebrated around the world as World Sleep Day. Not much limelight is given to this day but it should be marked as the most important day in your calendar. It is celebrated at various places telling people at large about the importance of sleep and how it helps to have a healthy and stress-free life.

Almost 1/3rd of our life goes into sleeping and it plays a major role in regulating our physical as well as mental life balance. However, we don’t give much importance to the sleep cycle and sleep comfort.

Why Do We Need Good Sleep?

With busy and hectic daily life, your brain and body needs rest. You need rest from the constant thinking about life issues, projects, office work, loans etc. For those having field work, 9-5 job or are house makers, everyone requires 8-hours of undisturbed sound sleep.

Importance of Good Sleep

  • Free from Stress and Worries: We all have some or the other life tensions that affect the normal routine. A good and sound sleep will at least keep your  mind free for those 7 to 8 hours. If you are having sleep issues, you can try having Chamomile tea before bed or do meditation. If the brain is disturbing you continuously, it is always advisable to talk your heart out to someone.


  • Feel Energetic Throughout The Day: When you sleep undisturbed, the body is at rest and free from negative thoughts. Mind and soul get a good time to get charged up for the next day and you get a boost up for the 9 to 5 job. However, this is not the same for all. Sleep is usually disturbed because of constant pressure of things that are distracting your mind and many a times it is because of your mattress.
  • Avoid health issues: Skipping proper sleep and spending half of the sleep hours surfing on phone might not have an immediate impact on your health, but you might slowly start noticing deteriorated health. Some might be seeing an excessive weight loss while some may notice that they are having frequent mood changes like getting irritated early or emotional at small things. One of the major sleep deprivation issues is memory loss: not able to remember things for a long time or to keep forgetting important things. Hence, it is important to work on the sleep problem and come out with a solution for it.

Reduce Sleep problems Today

If the sleep problem is internal, i.e., because of over-thinking or some other life issues, take it all out. You might feel better if you visit a doctor or talk to people with whom you share your feelings. But if the sleep issue is external, then try the following:

  1. Change Your Mattress: Choosing the right mattress is important so that you may eliminate unnecessary body pain that is causing toss and turn all night and to avoid overheating issues that disturbs the sound and peaceful sleep. A low-quality mattress has a very hard foam or a sinking foam which might not go with your body type.

With Coirfit, you can talk to your sleep experts and get a customized mattress for yourself. Coirfit mattress offers Zero Partner disturbance and the advanced 3D cell structure keeps the mattress cold all night which makes your sleep environment fresh & healthy.

Zero partner disturbance

  1. Try Meditation or Yoga: Look for different yoga poses that trigger good sleep or calms your brain to avoid overthinking. It is important to keep your brain at rest and free from the external world to be able to have 8-hours of peaceful sleep.


  1. Drink Chamomile Tea: Widely known among the people to calm the brain and to help enjoy a good night’s sleep. It is not just a one-day practice, add this in your daily routine and see the change. Chamomilereduces inflammation and anxiety and is also known to be a tranquilizer or a sleep inducer.

Get the best sleep ever with these small remedies and practical change in your day-to-day life and you might feel the change.

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