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Healthy Sleep: Tips to Avoid COVID-19

Every year on 7th April, we celebrate World Health Day. It was on this day World Health Organisation (WHO) was established with an objective to monitor universal healthcare. Their function includes to respond to any type of health emergencies and to promote well being and health of human beings. If at any place, healthcare emergency situation pops-up, WHO puts in all its effort to curb the disease and comes out with guidelines and vaccines to lower the rate of spread.

COVID-19 attracted the attention of WHO and it came up with different guidelines and measures to ensure public safety and reduce the rate of virus spread. With more than 34 years experience, the Coirfit team believes that it is their duty to help you fight the virus. We want to reduce the chance of you getting affected and one such step is to help you get good sleep.

Sound and Healthy Sleep

Coronavirus has been declared as a pandemic and it is important that you stay healthy and fit and reduce all chances of getting infected. Various studies have shown that having proper sleep gives keeps you healthy and active. It reduces your chances of getting allergies or having a fever or any health issue. While you sleep, your body kills bugs and germs. This results in boosting your immune system. It further leads to a reduction of infection.

Sleep tips

How to get a good sleep?

When you sleep, your body makes Cytokines. Cytokines has anti-inflammatory property which helps in fighting infection. Lack of sleep results in producing fewer Cytokines which makes you vulnerable to fever and infection.

Experts say-“People with better immune systems have less chance of being infected when compared to people with low immunity.” To get a good night’s sleep, it is important that you:

  1. Take a proper meal.
  2. Add healthy food items in daily routine.
  3. Do simple workout at home to stay fit.
  4. Sleep on a healthy and comfortable mattress, etc.

Sleep tips

Having a good mattress with features like temperature regulation, anti-allergic, infused with natural products plays a vital role in getting you a good sleep.

Coirfit mattress, a retail and online mattress company offers different types of mattresses in one place. The R&D team at Coirfit makes sure that the best is offered to its customers. The mattresses are manufactured to help get healthy and keep your immunity strong. A Coirfit Mattresses comes loaded with the following features:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Herb Fresh Technology
  • Laminar Airflow to kill bacteria
  • Temperature regulation
  • Allows smooth flow of air
  • Zero motion transfer to avoid disturbance for undisturbed 8 hours of sleep

Your good health will keep you away from Coronavirus and keep your immunity strong.

Talk to our sleep experts who will help you to get yourself the perfect sleep mattress as per your body type and requirement via email ([email protected]) or Whatsapp/Call (+91-9837058451).

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