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How to Keep Coirfit Sofa Cum Bed Clean

Cleaning a Sofa cum bed is not a hassle. Here’s a quick guide on how to keep your all-new Coirfit Sofa Cum Bed clean for your and your guests hygiene.

You have invested in your living room to make it look perfect and out of the box and you can’t afford to make it look shabby and untidy. While cleaning a mattress is simple and easy, are you confused with the process of cleaning your Coirfit Sofa-cum-bed?

Here we are with some not-so-difficult steps to clean your favourite sofa and keep it clean and hygienic all year round.

1. Understand the Fabric

The team at Coirfit uses premium quality fabric which does not absorb much dirt and dust and gives 100% active support. While the fabric is at its best, you should know the fabric type to simplify the cleaning process. Coirfit sofa-cum-bed is made with Indian-manufactured jute fabric that enhances the comfort of the product, whether you use it as a lounger, as a sofa or as a bed.

2. Clean it, Before It Is Too Late

Don’t let ant spill, liquid or food stain dry on the sofa as it may eventually get absorbed in the fabric and it might get too difficult to clean it. Liquid or oily food items get absorbed easily and hence it is advisable to quickly clean the dirt soon as it happens to avoid damage later. The fabric offers partial protection and prevents light stains from seeping into the inside material.

Sofa Cum Bed

3. Use Mild detergent

Before you clean the stain, it is advisable to read the complete guide given by the manufacturer for cleaning the sofa-cum-bed. While a strong cleaner may affect the colour and fabric of the item, mild- detergent are always good for cleaning the stain and dirt.

So, for those having kids at home or planning a get-together should be prepared with a mild-detergent mix so that in case of any stain left after the party, you can quickly get it cleaned.

4. Read the Guide Thoroughly

 For every fabric and foam type, there is a different way of cleaning, and hence the manufacturers draft a simple and easy guide for their customers to avoid damage by using the wrong cleanser for the sofa.

At Coirfit, we put great effort to avoid damage on the mattress and therefore we guide and pre-inform the tips & tricks as to how to extend the life of your sofa with these simple maintenance and cleaning steps.

5. Vacuum the Dirt, Keep the Sofa New

Coirfit Sofa Cum Bed

While food stains are visible, dust and normal dirt keeps settling on the sofa. It not be visible in the short term. But, after a point of time, a layer of dirt would be visible. And it becomes impossible to clean as it has got absorbed in the fabric.

We recommend you to clean your sofa weekly with a vacuum cleaner to keep it new. Regular cleaning eliminates the growth of respiratory problems from dust. It is also safer for people with such problems like asthma, cough, cold, etc.

Coirfit 3-in-1 sofa-cum-bed is made from Herb Fresh Technology which is eco-friendly. So, there is no growth of microbes around it. But don’t you want to take full advantage of this added feature? For that, you need to clean it on a regular interval.

Keep your Living Room Attractive

A clean and shining living and drawing room keeps your and your guests’ mood fresh and makes you happy.

Our team designs a ridiculously good looking and effortlessly charming sofa that is a solution to all your space and party problems.

You can use it like a sofa for work. When your guests arrive, you can  convert it into a party mode lounger or as a bed for your romantic get-together. Its happy vibe is likely to attract a lot of smiles and repeat visits from friends and family members. Good thing then that it is manufactured with active bond support to withstand some serious coughing and binge watching.

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