Arthritis Pain
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How to Sleep Even During Arthritis Pain?

Finding the right mattress not just seems difficult but impossible. Everyone sleeps differently in varied sleep positions. Also, due to unhealthy eating, all of us face some minor or major health issues. However, if you are sure of what health issues you are facing and where the pain is, you can choose an appropriate mattress for your body and back pain.

Sleep and Arthritis pain: How are they connected?

Arthritis Pain

Arthritis is a joint disorder also known as joint inflammation where knee, wrist and spine bone meet. If you are facing arthritis, you might know how serious and unbearable arthritis pain is. There are two types of arthritis; one is known as Osteoarthritis which is most common and it may result in loss of function of the joint areas. Second is Rheumatoid Arthritis which is majorly in wrists and fingers and causes severe pain and stiffness in joints.

A low quality mattress will not take your body shape and you won’t find the right support. Moreover, a cheap mattress loses its shape, size and balance. This creates pressure on the body and you end up tossing and turning all night. Therefore, sleeping on the right mattress should be your priority.

Choose The Right Mattress To Say Good-bye To Arthritis pain

When you sleep on an uncomfortable mattress, you don’t get proper sleep. This makes your body lethargic, full of fatigue and stiffness. This scenario might further lead to arthritis pain and make the problem worse.

Changing your old mattress and shifting to Coirfit Active Back Care Mattress would solve your sleep issues related to pain and body stiffness. Coirfit Orthopaedic mattresses are made as per expert recommendation who are well versed about how to deal with various body pain  including arthritis pain. You can talk to Coirfit’s sleep experts and know about the foam and materials that would help you to sleep without pain. Coirfit Orthopaedic mattress comes loaded with features like-

1. Relaxes Muscles Stress: The mattress is made from back care rebonded foam. It is designed to eliminate all spinal stress and joint pain. It would contour to the body shape so you can sleep undisturbed.

2. Zero-Partner Disturbance: Even if your partner turns or moves; it will not disturb your sleep. You will be free to sleep in your desired postures without worrying about the arthritis pain.

3. Correct Spinal Alignment: Coirfit’s Health ++ orthopaedic mattress is made for such pain and muscle issues. It provides support from all sides and gives a bouncy feel on the bed.

Orthopaedic Mattress

4. Hypoallergenic: Sleep disturbance might also be because of off-gassing from a chemically infused mattress. This makes your bedroom environment unhygienic and you find it difficult to sleep with all the pain and smell. Look for a mattress that prevents growth of allergens, bacteria, dust mites etc. This way you sleep comfortably by forgetting the pain and getting relief.

5. Optimum support: Neither too hard nor too soft so your body won’t sink in when you rest on it. Choose optimum back support mattress that would provide pressure point relief. Health Boom mattress is doctor recommended for people with body pain.

Ways To Improve Sleep Quality During Arthritis Pain

Sleep Quality

It might not be easy for all to buy a mattress when the pain is at its first stage. If you have a new mattress and have just started experiencing arthritis pain, you might not be willing to spend on it again. In such a scenario, you can try these simple tips and tricks to get relief from arthritis pain during sleep:

  • Go for a mattress protectorA soft quilted protector on your existing mattress might offer a comparatively better sleep.
  • Don’t sleep in the wrong posture or position-Take advice from your doctor. Let them know your pain. Try the recommended sleep posture that would reduce pain and relax your body.
  • Try to sleep with an S curve body– Make sure you sleep with an S curve and not on your front as it would give your neck and back the natural comfort it needs.

Try finding the best way out to make your sleep hours and bed setting comfortable and body friendly. Sleep on a comfortable mattress which gives your body the perfect sleep alignment and comfort.

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