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Why Investing In a Mattress Protector Is Must During Monsoon?

If you thought you could protect your bed from bed bugs and bacteria with spammy sprays, this blog is for you.

Though COVID-19 cases have reduced, the virus has not gone away yet. It is predicted that the third-wave will come and it will be at its peak in August and September. To avoid getting infected, do not wait for the Delta+, Lambda or Kappa variant to rise but continue taking preventive measures.

Monsoon season brings along with a lot of fungal and bacterial infections. These miscreants grow in pot holes and also lead to water borne fungal infections. With the rise in COVID cases, it is advised to stay away from respiratory issues. Avoid things that cause fever, cough, cold, infection, etc. as the body gets weak and gives a safe space for the virus to enter your body.

Mattress Protector

So, amidst all this chaos how will a waterproof mattress protector help you. Read on-

Reason to Invest in a Waterproof Mattress Protector

To avoid sleep and health issues during monsoon, it is advised to invest in a mattress protector. With the best quality mattress protector, you can avail the following benefits:

  1. Sleep on a Hygienic Base: Bed bugs and bacteria in and around chemical issued mattress causes health problems. It might lead to breathing issues, running nose, cough, etc, which disturbs the sleep. Disturbed sleep only leads to waking up irritated. Coirfit’s non toxic TPU lamina mattress cover adds 3D protection from fungal issues and your sleep hours are fresh and secure.
  1. Rapid Dry Process: With your children or you accidentally spilling liquid on the mattress, it is not possible to dry one big mattress everyday especially when it is raining all day long. Coirfit’s 200 GSM waterproof protector will avoid such small (even big ones) spills and stains. You can easily remove the mattress protector and get it machine washed and have a dry sleep base again.

Mattress Protector

  1. Hypoallergenic: Therainy season gives rise to waterborne diseases and other allergies. Go for protectors that eliminate the growth of fungal and bacterial issues and give you a comfortable sleep environment.Coirfit’s Dryfit Mattress protector is made from Herb-fresh technology that eliminates the growth of microbes and other fungal infections and makes your sleep environment healthy and hygienic.
  1. Eliminate Toss & Turn all night: Uncomfortable sleep base with uneven foam setting leads to tossing & turning all night. You move around to find that right comfort that you need for a sound sleep. Soft quilted layer with 100% pure cotton fabric gives the perfect base for an undisturbed sleep. Our waterproof mattress protector is specially designed to make it noiseless and soundproof. You can just snug onto it and wake up fresh and active.
Mattress Protector
  1. Hello Furry Animals: You might be a dog or cat lover or want to sleep with your pet on your bed side as it might be your stress buster.. However, you ignore the possibility of bacterial issues that pets bring with them. The hair and dirt on their body may cause serious issues if not taken care of. With a protector on your mattress, you can sleep free as it halts the growth of bugs and bacteria. Moreover, in case of any paw stains, you can easily remove the protector and wash it.

It is essential that you take good care of yourself in the third wave of COVID-19. Follow all necessary steps that can help you to avoid growth of serious health issues. During the monsoon, you’ll be an easy predator to infection and allergies from insects, viruses and bacteria. You might have decided to stay inside your home. But, staying inside in a hygienic environment is equally important as it is the only way to avoid getting infected.

Go for Coirfit Waterproof Mattress Protector that has automatic air-regulation. This keeps the mattress cool and comfortable and you don’t sweat at night. Buying a new mattress is not easy, but you can easily invest Rs. 1500-Rs. 2000 on a waterproof mattress protector. This will not just enhance your sleep quality and environment but also extend the life of your comfortable mattress.

Say good-bye to allergies and germs during humid monsoons and sleep like a king/queen.

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