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S.P. Furnishing is the leading coirfit mattress store located in Chhattisgarh . You can easily visit our store through,Main Rd, Naya Para, Jagdalpur Chhattisgarh 494001

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Coirfit Dealer – S.P. Furnishing is the leading coirfit mattress store in Chhattisgarh . Our high-quality mattresses are designed to help your body to reach a state of relaxation for a night of deep sleep. Whether you’re lying on your back, side, or front, our mattresses will ensure that your body is in a neutral position. We offer a variety of different types of mattresses, such as spring mattress, memory foam mattress, latex mattress, and many more. We also offer accessories such as pillows, sofa cum bed, and mattress protectors.

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We have all types of mattresses available at Coirfit mattress store. You can opt for a latex mattress, memory foam mattress, spring mattress, orthopaedic mattress, coir mattress, hybrid mattress and many more.

We have all mattresses sizes available at Coirfit mattress store. These include-Single size mattress, mattress for diwan, queen size mattress, king size mattress and even customised mattresses. You can also refer to our mattress measurement guide to know more.

You can simply buy a coirfit mattress from your nearest coirfit mattress store. You can even connect with the Coirfit mattress dealer online and complete purchase telephonically or via whatsapp.

You can simply visit this coirfit mattress store by following the google map instructions mentioned online on this page.

Coirfit has 10+ mattress certifications which includes ISO, ISI, DAkkS, SATRA, ABC, Oeko Tex, Euro Latex and many more. You can know all about it here.

As we are the manufacturers of the product, we provide all mattress comfort levels. These include soft mattress, firm mattress, medium comfort mattress, dual comfort mattress. You can even get mattress comfort customised by talking to our sleep experts.

Coirfit sleep experts are available every step of the way to guide you. You can take guidance from them directly in the Coirfit authorised store or you can even consult with them online and go ahead and purchase the mattress from the store.

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Coirfit Mattress Store in Chhattisgarh: Your Ultimate Destination for a Blissful

Sleep Experience


If you’re a resident of Chhattisgarh, you’ll be delighted to know that Coirfit, one of India’s leading mattress brands, has opened a new mattress store in your city. Let’s explore why Coirfit is a brand worth considering for your next mattress purchase and why their mattress store in Chhattisgarhis the perfect destination for a restful sleep experience.

Coirfit: A Brand Trusted by Millions


Coirfit is a well-established mattress brand in India, known for its commitment to quality, technology, and innovation. Coirfit has been in the mattress industry for over 36 years, and their expertise is reflected in the high-quality mattresses they offer. Their mattresses are designed to provide superior comfort, support, and affordability, making them the perfect choice for customers looking for a value-for-money purchase.

Why Choose Coirfit Mattress Store in


for the best coirfit mattress store in Chhattisgarh  , it is important to consider factors such as reputation, variety of options, customer service, and overall customer satisfaction.


When visiting a mattress store, you should prioritize a store that offers a wide variety of options, including different mattress types, sizes, and firmness levels. This will ensure that you have plenty of choices to find a mattress that suits your specific needs and preferences.In terms of customer service, a good mattress store will have knowledgeable and friendly staff who can provide guidance and assist you in selecting the right mattress. They should be able to answer any questions you may have and help you understand the features and benefits of each mattress option.

1. Wide Range of Mattresses to Suit All Sleep Preferences

Coirfit offers a diverse range of mattresses designed to cater to different sleep preferences and needs. Whether you’re looking for a memory foam mattress, a hybrid mattress, or a pocket spring mattress, Coirfit has you covered. Their mattresses come in different sizes, firmness levels, and features, ensuring that you find the perfect mattress for your specific requirements.

2. Quality Products at Affordable Prices

Coirfit believes that quality sleep is a right and should be accessible to all. That’s why they offer high-quality mattresses at an affordable price range. You don’t have to compromise on quality to get a good deal; Coirfit ensures you can get both.

3. Expert Customer Service and Guidance

The staff at Coirfit Mattress Store in Chhattisgarh are highly knowledgeable about their products and technologies. They provide expert guidance to help you choose the right mattress that meets your sleep needs. They will patiently listen to your concerns and help you assess the durability, firmness, thickness, and other factors that should be considered before making a purchase.

4. Convenient Mattress Testing Options


At Coirfit Mattress Store in Chhattisgarh , you have the option to try out the mattresses before making a purchase. This helps you assess the feel and comfort of the mattress and make an informed decision. You can sleep/rest on the mattress in the store and identify whether that mattress suits you or not.

5. Generous Warranty and Return Policy

Coirfit stands behind the quality of their products and provides a comprehensive warranty and return policy. Their warranties range from 1-15 years, depending on the mattress type.

Each coirfit mattress product is loaded with features like-

Proper spinal alignment: Coirfit mattresses are designed to provide optimal support to your spine, promoting proper alignment and reducing the risk of back and neck pain.


Pressure relief: Coirfit mattresses are constructed with advanced materials, such as memory foam, which distribute body weight evenly and help alleviate pressure points, leading to a more comfortable and restful sleep.


Motion isolation: Coirfit mattresses are engineered to minimize motion transfer, allowing you and your partner to sleep undisturbed even if one of you moves or changes positions during the night.


Durability: Coirfit mattresses are known for their durability, ensuring that your investment in a good night’s sleep will last for years to come.


Health and hygiene: Coirfit mattresses often come with anti-microbial and hypoallergenic properties, which help keep your sleeping environment clean and free from allergens, dust mites, and bacteria.


It is essential to keep in mind that these benefits may vary depending on the specific model and design of the Coirfit mattress you choose. It is always advisable to try out different options and consult with the store staff to find the best fit for your individual needs. 

A good night’s sleep is essential for your overall well-being, and it all starts with choosing the right mattress. Coirfit Mattress Store in Chhattisgarh offers a wide range of high-quality mattresses, expert guidance and customer service, affordable pricing, and convenient delivery and installation services. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction makes them a brand worth considering for your next mattress purchase. So, why wait? Visit Coirfit Mattress Store in Chhattisgarh today and experience the difference a good mattress can make in your life!