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Get a Sanitized Mattress During COVID-19 Lockdown

Wondering how to get a sanitized mattress at home? Know all about it here.

Coronavirus has turned out to be a deadly virus and there is no sign of having a vaccine for Corona any time soon. While the lockdown is extending in every 15 days with few relaxations, it seems that people are not taking social-distancing seriously.

Paper3 Hours
Surgical Mask7 Days
Cardboard24 Hours
Money4 Days

A study has shown different time span of virus living on a surface as mentioned here-

Hence, it is always advisable to keep the things you have bought outside your home for at least 24 hours to avoid the scope of getting infected.

From May 3, there is a relaxation on the working of few non-essential yet important items. However, they are required to follow social-distancing and other related steps to avoid contact with people. At Coirfit, the team makes sure that you get a sanitized mattress which gives you a healthy sleep environment. 

What is Coirfit Doing for it’s customer to Prevent COVID-19?

Till the time WHO comes up with a vaccine for Coronavirus or even after that, Coirfit is putting in every effort to manufacture luxurious and natural mattresses infused with Herb Fresh Technology.

What is Herb Fresh Technology?

In this, the mattress is passed through a Laminar Airflow Chamber. This exposes the mattress to high pressure and UV rays that kill any bacteria or virus. Exposing the mattress to such a high-tech process makes it bacteria-free for it’s whole life span. Other than this, Herb Fresh Technology brings:

  • Prolonged product protection-Restrains the growth of Microbes from the mattress’s binding cell wall.
  • Herb Fresh Treated Fabric-Prevents the birth of dust mite, fungus, bad odor and bacteria.
  • Inspired by the science and goodness of natural herbs- Green Seal in the mattress makes sure that your sleep environment is Hygienic and Healthy.
Sanitized Mattress

One of the mattress made through Herb Fresh Technology is Aloe Vera Infused which has a natural healing and rejuvenating properties of Aloe Vera and has a 3-layered foam which gives the perfect good night sleep. The unique treatment prevents the growth of bacteria and fungus making it the best-sanitized mattress. Aloe vera mattress is not only good for your back but also boosts your energy level to keep you active and happy.

To beat the virus it is important that you have strong immunity, and good sleep plays a vital role in it.

Additionally, during the manufacturing process, our labor is using Masks, Gloves & Sanitizers. The dedicated staff is further reminded in every 2 hours to wash their hands. The team maintains a distance of 6 ft from each other while production, packing, etc. The whole manufacturing unit is sanitized TWICE a day. This makes the manufacturing process of UNTOUCHED MATTRESS complete.

Sanitized Mattress

How we ensure Contact Less Delivery of your Comfortable Mattress?

During the lockdown you are spending major chunk of your day on the bed, either working, watching something or scrolling down your Instagram. Due to this, back and spinal pain may be one of the problems you would have started are facing these days. The reason for this is the quality of the mattress you are using. Try switching to natural or Orthopedic mattress soon to avoid long-term back issues.

Contact Less Delivery

When you order your sanitized mattress from Coirfit, we practice Social distancing. This is to avoid all scope of touching any unnecessary surface and to keep your mattress untouched. We follow these norms for contact less-delivery-

  • Our delivery executive will leave the package outside your home.
  • The mattress will be in an HDPE Bag or cardboard (mattress in a box) with another packing inside.
  • The executive will step back 6 ft and will then call you to receive and give confirmation of the order.
  • The executive will then do vocal confirmation to match your records with the order details.
  • COD will not be possible to avoid contact.
  • DO NOT open the package for the next 24 hours.
  • Take extra precaution and clean it with Dettol dipped cloth from the outer surface before you open the mattress packaging.

Your safety is of utmost importance for the team. We put in every possible effort to avoid the spread of virus and at the same time give you comfort while you are at home.

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